when choosing a repairer, the following should be taken into consideration ...

Excellence of Repair

Westfield Auto Body Repairs since its inception 32 years ago has been totally committed to producing the highest standard of repair possible. Our commitment is to return your vehicle to its pre accident condition and conforms to manufacturers specifications. We have quality control checks in place to ensure that problems are intercepted before they reach the customer. Our workshop has the very best in accident repair technology. All of our work is fully guaranteed.

Minimum Off-Road Times

It is our policy to keep a tight control at all times over all vehicles in the workshop. Estimates are prepared immediately on receipt of the vehicle and it is then scheduled into production. Any delays are communicated immediately to the customer.

Staff Courtesy and Customer Service

Our staff maintain the highest level of courtesy and good manners at all times. People who answer incoming calls are trained to answer the telephone in a friendly and professional manner. We have a policy of not getting into arguments with our customers. There is a customer waiting room and customer parking area. We detail all cars before delivery to the customer. We offer many other small services including free pick-up and delivery of our vehicles. All customer vehicles are protected by 24 hour back to base security.

Administration Efficiency

We are fully computerised and run an efficient and professional administration system. The feeling in the office and the impression gained by the customer would be of a smooth, well-run organisation.

Presentation of Office and Workshop

Our purposely built office and workshop would have a presentation as good, or better than any other repairer in Sydney. Our office staff are well groomed and well presented at all times. The workshop is kept exceptionally clean and tidy which not only promotes a good working atmosphere but also impresses customers.

Strategic Location

We believe we are the superior panel shop in the area and that we are ideally located to service the Sydney Metropolitan area.

Financial Stability

We are rock solid financially, owning our premises and equipment.

Pick-up and Delivery Service

We offer a free pick up and delivery service throughout the Sydney Metropolitan Area.